Merry Christmas 2017

Another fun holiday post brought to you by the best in the business: our Pine Island Cranberry team! Once again, we asked our hard-working crew what they wanted Santa to bring them for Christmas, since they’ve all been so good.

(Except for that Louis guy, sometimes.)

Coco Mercado:

I would like more tools!

Larry Wedemeyer:

I want a new tig welder for the shop.

Ernie Waszkiewicz:

I’d like a new front seat for his service truck.

Louis Cantafio:

I have such a rich life that I do not want for anything!

Bryan vonHahmann:

Good health and happiness for my family!

Jonathan Irizarry-Vasquez:

I would like a girlfriend.

Joel DeJesus:

I would like a new car.

Joséan Hernandez-Vargas:

I would like a garage!

Vanessa DeJesus:

I would like more Hydremas…and I’m still waiting for my pink one!

Harry Mick:

I would like a new diesel truck.

Blondie Cruz-Soto:

I would like a Eagles jacket. GO BIRDS!!!

Caesar Colon:

I’d like a new Eagles hoodie and cap.

Scott Mattle:

I would like a new jet ski.

Matthew Giberson:

I have everything I need! However…I’d like Bill to get Nadine a Ford Raptor.

Jeremy Fenstermaker:

I would like a new front drive shaft for my Jeep, and for Tom Brady to retire.

Joann Martin:

I would like to ask that everyone gets to wake up on Christmas morning with the ones they love the most. A box that moves and barks under the tree would be nice too…

Stefanie Haines:

I want Nick Foles to get us a miracle.

Matt Stiles:

For Christmas I would love for everyone to have a great holiday with family and friends and a new GREEN tractor!

Mike Haines:

I want to get my Jeep all set and ready to go so I can go have some fun in it.