About Us

The Haines family cranberry farm, Pine Island Cranberry Company, Inc. (PICC), located in Hogwallow, Burlington County, New Jersey (about five miles south of Chatsworth on Route 563), has been in continuous operation since it was founded in 1890 by Martin L. Haines.  The cranberry acreage has increased from about 50 acres to over 1400 acres.  We are one of the top cranberry producers in the world.

The entire property is located within the boundaries of the New Jersey Pinelands.    The Pinelands are characterized by coarse sandy soils with high iron content and low pH.  The region is covered with pitch pines, Atlantic white cedars, oaks, and maples.  The Cohansey-Kirkwood aquifers lie beneath the surface, containing enough water to cover the state of New Jersey six feet deep.  Fire is a major contributor to the ecology of the Pinelands region.  Most native plants are fire-resistant.  Controlled burning maintains the vegetative balance of the area and reduces the risk of wild fires.

The American Cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) is native to the area, and many varieties of the berry grow wild in low areas and along stream banks.  The cranberry is an evergreen vine which thrives in low-lying areas and acidic, sandy soils—conditions that occur naturally in Hogwallow.  More than half of the farm is planted in the Early Black cultivar, which is a native variety, but many other cultivars are grown in Hogwallow as well—Stevens, Ben Lear, Crimson Queen, DeMoranville, Mullica Queen, and other varieties propagated by the Rutgers Philip A. Marucci Cranberry and Blueberry Research Center.

PICC’s philosophy is: “Nothing but the Best”.  Our success is due to our pride in continuous improvement, growth, innovation, and our love and respect for the land and the people.

Being an employee on this fifth generation family owned cranberry farm is a unique experience.  We are committed to our mission of continuing our tradition of excellence by growing more high quality berries at the lowest cost.  Our Core Values give us direction on how to work together as a team to deliver high-quality, nutritious cranberries for a healthier world!