Are there opportunities to become a part of your organization?
Yes. If you are interested in joining our team, please either email your resume with cover letter to info@picranberry.com or send it to us at 3353A Route 563, Chatsworth, NJ 08019 Attention: Recruiting.

I am a college student with a major related to agriculture. Are there internship opportunities available?
Yes. If you would like to speak to us about an internship, please email a letter of interest to info@picranberry.com. Don’t forget to check with your school’s Career Service Center to see if they already have a contact with us!

Does your farm offer tours?
We do not offer tours at this time. However, another long-time local grower has started to offer cranberry harvest tours on his farm at Whitesbog, and they are highly recommended!

May we stop to take pictures?
If you are driving by and would like to take pictures, you may pull over to take some with your phone or camera. We do not permit the usage of drones. Please be aware of your surroundings, do not walk onto the property, and do not stop in a driveway. Thank you.

Do you sell fresh cranberries, or may we pick our own?
We do not market directly to the public; we are part of Ocean Spray Cranberry, Inc., a grower cooperative. Cranberries from Ocean Spray growers are available at any major supermarket and several area farm markets.

Do you allow hunting or fishing on your property?
Although we issue permission to access the property for hunting and fishing (must show permit at all times), we are currently at quota. We will post availability when there is any change.

We would like to shoot some footage for a news story. Is that possible?
Yes. Please contact our office at 609.726.1330 or via email for more information.

I have a meeting at your office; how do I get there?
Just follow our directions here!