125 years and still growing!

This past weekend, Pine Island Cranberry celebrated our 125th anniversary of living, working, and growing in the pines by holding an open house at our main office in Hog Wallow.

“It was a great day for Pine Island, for the family, and for the team,” says CEO and fourth-generation grower-owner Bill Haines. “It was a great turnout, and we had great weather. And we are really honored that so many of our friends and business friends took the time to come to our celebration.”

We truly did have beautiful weather, and greatly enjoyed seeing everyone who made an appearance! It was fantastic to see such a great turnout…from our elected officials to our fellow growers to some of our favorite vendors, as well as our extended family, friends, and last but definitely not least, one of the best teams in the business!

Finally: this event would not have been possible without both our committee and the hardest-working team in Burlington County. Thank you, so much, to Fred Torres, Louis Cantafio, Bryan vonHahmann, Mike Guest, Carlos Baez, Nadine Haines, Holly Haines, Becca Fenstermaker, and last but not least, Debra Signorelli, who does the work of ten people, every single day.

* All photographs courtesy of Ben Ruset.