A visit with Ted Gordon – summer 2017

This week we had the opportunity to take a ride around the property with Ted Gordon, a research specialist with more than 35 years experience in botanical studies, including contributions to major plant studies of endangered species in the Pinelands. A former Pinelands Commissioner, Ted primarily conducts rare species surveys and research, monitors habitats, and designs management plans for the conservation and enhancement of rare plants, and we are very fortunate to have access to his knowledge and experience.

Our forest stewardship plan has been invaluable in protecting our water supply as well as providing a habitat for translocated Northern bobwhite quail. Another is that it’s been highly beneficial to several rare plant species that are native to the Pine Barrens. Ted periodically comes to visit and gives suggestions on how to manage areas with certain floral species, such as when it might be time to mow or if a recent prescribed burn has had any effect.

While we have no photos of the species he was examining yesterday and won’t be publishing locations, Ted was highly pleased at what he found, pointing out the high count on some rare summer species as well as the one getting ready for their autumn debut! “I find all kinds of plants growing near cultivated beds, more so than anywhere else,” he says. “Cranberry properties have the most diversity thanks to common forestry practices.”