ACGA Summer Field Day 2021

This week, the ACGA got to meet in person again for only the second time since last January!

Just as with the twilight meetings, in addition to the importance of new research findings the summer field day is also a great chance for the cranberry community to get together face-to-face. Our team, and the other growers, work with Rutgers all the time, but it’s good to be able to sit down with other growers and find out if they’re having some of the same problems with pests, or fairy ring, or excessive heat.

Dr. Peter Jeranyama of UMass, who gave a talk on frost.

“I thought it was a good meeting,” says Bill Haines. “I really enjoyed all the presentations, and I thought Dr. Jeranyama was a good addition to the line-up.”

The highlight was the presentation made to Dr. Nick Vorsa, who stepped down as director of the center this summer. ACGA President Shawn Cutts, on behalf of the organization, presented a plaque in appreciation of his many years of outstanding service to New Jersey’s cranberry growers:

“Your excellent and steady leadership as director of the Rutgers Phillip E. Marucci Center for Blueberry and Cranberry Research has established it as one of the state’s and country’s leading agricultural research centers. The ground-breaking work in breeding and genetics to which you have dedicated your career has transformed the entire cranberry industry by providing growers with the next generations of high-yielding, high-quality varieties. Your leadership, expertise, and friendship have made invaluable contributions to our farms and to our industry for which we will always be grateful.”

Many growers as well as long-time friends and co-workers from the Center spoke as well, expressing their own appreciation for everything Nick has done for the growers, the station, and for the cranberry industry as a whole. “He made it look easy,” says Dr. Peter Oudemans, “but he put in a tremendous amount of work to make us what we are today.”

“It was a good meeting!” Joe Darlington says. “We had very good crop growing science, it was good to see everyone together, the food was very good, and it was an excellent award ceremony for Nick!”

Thank you, as always, to Dr. Cesar Rodriguez-Saona, for putting together another informative program!