Equipment – summer 2021

Things have been a little quieter as nutrition applications wind down, but our equipment team is always busy!

“We’ve been building some new things to get ready for harvest,” says manager Louis Cantafio. “We’re doing all the usual organizational things but we’re also building racks for the trailer to carry the things the crew will need for the bogside cleaners. A lot of what we’re doing is polish on the berry pump operations, really; the first couple of years we were learning how to use them, then we we were experimenting with various modifications to customize them for our own operation.”

“Each crew used to carry around all the stuff for the pumps, but racks are going to keep things more organized and more accessible,” Louis says, “but it’s going to be much more efficient when a crew can readily see that they have everything they need.”

Welder Larry Wedemeyer also built a rack to go in Bryan’s truck designed to hold the grates for the bogside cleaners.

Larry is also working on our fourth raker, which represents another extension of our raking fleet!

And last but not least, Louis says, “We’ve also been keeping up with irrigation repairs. There’s going to be a lot of work leading up to harvest, as well, but we’re more than ready!”