Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s that time of year again! This week, the hardest-working team in the business tells you what they’re thankful for.

Vanessa is thankful for a successful harvest and that all of our equipment has run so well!

Ben is thankful to have a job at Pine Island.

Eduardo is thankful for the opportunity to return again to Pine Island.

Saul is thankful for being able to work here and for all of the great teamwork at Pine Island.

Sergio is thankful for the opportunity to work at Pine Island.

Popito is thankful for being able to work here and being able to work with such a great team during harvest. Additionally, he is thankful to be the leader of the blue team!

Matt Stiles is thankful for his family and the opportunity to work at Pine Island with an excellent group of people!

Debra, as with every Thanksgiving, is thankful for her faith and her family . . .even more so this year.

Bryan is grateful that another year of challenges is in the review mirror and is looking forward to a new set of challenges. He is especially looking forward to spending some down time over the holidays with family.

Joann is thankful this holiday season for family, friends, and everyone’s health.

Wilfredo is thankful for his health, the health of his family, and for what he has in life.

CoCo is thankful for all the good people around.

Carlos is thankful for everything!

Ernie is thanful for his friends and family.

Larry is also thankful for his friends and family.

Louis, not usually a man of such few words, says simply that he is just thankful.

Jeremy is a bit more voluble than Louis, and says: “I am grateful to be surrounded by family and friends who make each day better than the last. I am also glad to live and work on such a serene and beautiful property. I try to stop for a few moments each day and appreciate the beauty of nature around me. This is such a unique and interesting area, and I am thankful that I am able to experience the allure of the pines each and every day!”

Mike Scullion is thankful for his new job here, his wife who he married in October, and his new home here in the heart of the Pine Barrens.

Mike Vitale is thankful for all that he has in his life.

Mike Haines (our second newlywed Mike!) says he has a lot to be thankful for this year: “Daina and I getting married and getting to celebrate with all our family and friends. Completing another growing season and harvest. And getting Ozzy!”

Steve is thankful for his family, his friends, and the life they all live.

Stef is, as always, grateful that the team is willing to step up and write the blog this week, in addition to the myriad of other tasks they do to make this place nothing but the best!

Thanksgiving 2017

Last year’s Thanksgiving post was so well-received, we thought we’d try it again! This week, the hardest-working team in the business tells you what they’re thankful for.

COO Bryan vonHahmann:

I am thankful for: being part of a great team and completing another year, spending time with family and friends through the holidays, and the new challenges that lie ahead!

Facilities/Equipment Manager Louis Cantafio:

I’m thankful that we have Stefanie working hard to make us all look good!

[It’s a tough job some days, but I’m here for you, Louis! Ed.]

Blue Team leader Matt Stiles:

I am thankful to help produce such a wonderful and healthy fruit like the cranberry for people around the world!

Manager of Operations Matt Giberson:

I’m thankful that Bill and company don’t mind my “Australian” accent. I am also thankful for all the great men and women that work at Pine Island.

Seasonal team member Sergio Sanchez:

I’m thankful that Pine Island has the confidence in me to provide me with new and exciting jobs daily.

Seasonal team member Benjamin Perez-Martinez:

I’m thankful for the opportunity to work here.

Seasonal team member Daniel “Cowboy” Lopez-Leon:

I’m thankful for everything, but most importantly that God sent me someone special to provide for me and my family.

Seasonal team member Felix Padilla-Lopez:

I’m thankful to be given the opportunities to learn new innovative jobs on renovation.

Seasonal team member Waldy Blanco:

I’m thankful for the opportunity to come back as a seasonal employee. Also I am grateful for the opportunity to take on important jobs throughout the farm whether it be checking the water or frost.

CFO Joann Martin:

I am thankful for all the experiences and opportunities that I have been given here at Pine Island. I am thankful for my husband and daughter that I get to see every day. I am also very thankful for Amazon Prime!

Admin Debra Signorelli:

I’m thankful for my two beautiful girls and the love and laughter we share together as well as being fortunate enough to work with a group of such dynamic individuals!

Team member Mickey Mercado:

I’m thankful for my family and health.

Orange Team leader Gerardo Ortiz:

I’m thankful for my dog.

Team member Junior Colon:

I’m thankful for my family and health and job.

Team member Wilfredo Pagan:

I’m thankful for my beautiful family and health and being a Pine Island employee for 38 years!

Bog Renovations Manager Steve Manning:

I’m thankful for my wife and kids being by my side all the time.

Accounting Manager Michael Vitale:

I’m thankful for my friends, family, and new opportunities.

Social Media Coordinator Stefanie Haines:

I’m truly grateful that this amazing team are writing the blog for me this week! Thanks, all; you truly are the best in the business, and you prove it each and every day.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Pine Island Cranberry!

Thanksgiving 2016

Our Pine Island team is preparing for both our winter tasks and the upcoming holiday season after bringing in our second biggest crop to date, and this week was obviously the perfect opportunity to ask them what they’re thankful for this year!


COO Bryan vonHahmann:

I’m thankful that we have a good team of employees, and that our hard work was rewarded with a good crop.


PIICM Manager Mike Haines:

I’m thankful that all our hard work paid off with a great crop, and that we’ll have the chance to try to do it all over again even better next year. I’m also grateful for the opportunity to learn so much about agriculture from people both on and off the farm who have years of experience and knowledge.


CFO Joann Martin:

I am thankful for a beautiful drive to a beautiful workplace every day! I am also thankful for all the opportunities that Pine Island has given to me in the past six years to experience the care, time and effort that we give to the environment. The constant drive to be better every day in everything that we do is contagious.


Equipment Supervisor Carlos Baez:

I am thankful to have practically grown up here and grateful to have my own family here; I watched two beautiful daughters grow up at Pine Island and I am happy and thankful that my family is part of the Pine Island family.


Manager of Operations Matt Giberson:

I am thankful that I get to wake up to a gorgeous sunrise at Pine Island Cranberry Company and that I only have a thirty second commute to the shop to start my day with a bunch of great men and women. I am also thankful for the wonderful harvest we had and glad that we made it a safe one as well!


Admin Debra Signorelli:

I’m thankful for the talented team I’m surrounded around each and everyday! I love watching our senior management advise our young managers. Good stuff!


Equipment Team member Fred Henschel:

I am thankful for the prosperous harvest this year as it will allow me to be able to grow my abilities this coming year through tool purchases and personal enhancement. . .As Pine Island strives to be the best so do I!


HR Supervisor Stacey DeLaurentis:

I’m thankful to be working with a wonderful crew/staff.


Manager of Bog Renovations Steve Manning:

I’m thankful for both the company I work for and the people I work with.


Green Team leader Jeremy Fenstermaker:

I’m thankful to live and work in such a beautiful environment for a company with such a long and rich history; I look forward to coming to work most every day. I am also thankful to be working with family!”


Team member Tim Bourgeois:

I am thankful for several opportunities available through working here. PICC allows me time away to participate in the NJ Agricultural Leadership Development Program so I can develop further my business and communication skills. Additionally, I had two losses in my family over the past year and the PICC team was supportive and made accommodations with my schedule.


Blue Team leader Matt Stiles:

Thankful for the opportunity to work at PICC and every day be outside living the dream!


Facilities/Equipment Manager Louis Cantafio:

I am thankful for the privilege of being part of a team that seeks to be, and is succeeding at, being the best in the world at what they do – glorious! I am also thankful that Santa Claus loves cranberries, and me!

Happy Thanksgiving from Pine Island Cranberry!